Important programs related to LaserTank.
The LaserTank Utility Suite. --- by Harvey Solomon (DrWiseKing)
These programs were written to help LaserTank users: monitor, administer and customize, their LaserTank data files; i.e., Levels (.LVL), Global High Scores (.GHS) and (Local) High Scores (.HS) files.
The LaserTank Developer's Utility Suite. --- by Harvey Solomon (DrWiseKing)
These programs were written to help LaserTank levels developers write and edit their levels.

LPB Files Editor
This tool allow you to change the author name and/or level name inside a LPB file.
It also allow you to copy the moves of a LPB file and edit these moves in your favorite text editor
then paste the new moves inside the LPB.
Very useful when you want to produce a LPB for a level which have a lot of repetitive moves.
A program to convert back and forth any file to a printable TEXT. This allow to post any file on the yahoo group.  ---
Cut and Paste the text into the message.
The LaserTank Update Levels and High Scores Utility
A program to produce a list of scattered levels

wxLaserTank is a wxWidgets conversion of Laser Tank.
wxWidgets is an open source C++ GUI framework for cross-platform programming.
Original Laser Tank runs on MS Windows. The source code is freely available.
Users of wxLaserTank will be able to compile and/or run the game on a wide range of systems.

Palm version of LaserTank
A Palm version of
Transfer a LPB file to a printable text file
LaserTank Level Editor ver
User Graphics editor

LaserTank Level Extractor
Playback Importer Tool
This is The Lanquage kit for LaserTank ver 4.1
Use it to translate LaserTank in another language.
A special tool to create standardized comments about Levels' ratings.
Must be used to produce the comments you want to send. ---
by Yves Maingoy.
This file may be needed to run the LtEvaluator tool.
Read the readme.txt file included with the LtEvaluator program. ---
To be downloaded only if needed.

[JEK] By Jim Kindley