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==== Updated in June ====

Download Challenge-V.lvl file & Challenge-V.ghs file - 01 New - Total : 427 Levels.

Make sure you put this file in the C:\Program Files\LaserTank directory or the directory that the LaserTank Levels are stored in.

======= If you want to add new high scores : =======
Send me your playbacks files
(LPB) compressed (zip) into 1 file
(I don't need your HS file because I generate it from your LPB files)

No High Scores will be added without a Playback file to prove it.

Please, don't forget to rate the unrated levels you solve.
You can use the
LaserTank Level's Evaluator tool to do it.

Please use this address to send your LPB and new LEVELS:


[JEK] By Jim Kindley